Center for Implementation and Evaluation of Education Systems

Dr. Jonna BobzienExecutive

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Photo of Ann Maydosz
Dr. Ann MaydoszDirector of Administration &

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Ms. Jacqueline RoysterDirector of Budgeting &

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Keren Plowden

TTAC Director

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Dr. Corinne Wilson

VTSS Evaluation Director

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Daniel Biegun, EdD TTACdbiegun@odu.eduLearn More
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Nicholas Q. Diggs TTACndiggs@odu.edundiggs@ttacodu.orgLearn More
Lisa M. Gehring, Ed.S. TTACLgehring@odu.eduLearn More
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Robin McCracken
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Pat Pulliam
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Amanda Working, Ph.D. CIEESaworking@odu.eduLearn More
Michelle Young, DPT, CPACC CIEESm3young@odu.eduLearn More
Director Emeriti/Senior

Dr. Stephen W. Tonelson

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Dr. Robert A. Gable

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