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The Center for Implementation and Evaluation of Education Systems (CIEES) is Old Dominion University’s first center to focus extensive grant funds on the comprehensive improvement of education systems for K-12 students with diverse learning needs. With over 59 million dollars in grant awards from state and federal agencies and from not for profit organizations, CIEES is uniquely situated to create meaningful change in the outcomes of students with and without disabilities. CIEES currently operates nationally with the greatest concentration of services in Virginia.

CIEES seeks to solve complex social problems by engaging educators, youth and families, community members, and policymakers in systems innovation. Emphasizing evidence-based problem-solving, CIEES promotes a communitarian approach in interdisciplinary research efforts to plan, implement, and evaluate positive change programs in schools and communities. Measures of success include improving the efficacy of education, improving the quality of community life, and improving the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of individuals. All CIEES-supported programs engage in a continuous improvement process, utilize data to inform planning, and document progress in order to implement with fidelity and build their capacity to sustain. CIEES’s focus areas include teacher preparation and licensure, leadership and evaluation, training and technical assistance, and systems change.

We will provide leadership, evaluation, and implementation support for initiatives addressing positive behavior interventions, multi-tiered systems of support, social-emotional learning, teacher preparation programs serving students with disabilities, and in-service professional learning. Ultimately, the goal of all CIEES’s programs is to support education as a platform for social change; change that ensures equitable opportunities for all individuals.

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